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Playing the Muse for lady Europe!

Welcome to my Ideas on Europe blog!

Despoina Kotsi, Lawyer, Ph.D. candidate in Public Law (NKUA)

The title of my blog deeply reflects the operational obligation of a delicate activity on the part of judicial functionaries just like the performance of Muses.

Thus, Clio was approximately the “Proclaimer,” Euterpe the “Well Pleasing,” Thalia the “Blooming,” or “Luxuriant,” Melpomene the “Songstress,” Erato the “Lovely,” Polymnia “She of the Many Hymns,” Urania the “Heavenly,” Calliope “She of the Beautiful Voice.”, and Terpsichore “Delighting in the Dance”.

In that regard, the judicial activity presupposes artistic skills that aim both to deliver an advantageous social effect and be commonly cherished as wiseful.

My blog intends to highlight the special art of legal science, as reflected in the derivative case-law of the judges of the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg on a variety of issues that significantly affect human and economic activity. Different forms of analysis are to be presented via my blog, on Judgments and orders including: cases brought by EU institutions, Member States, corporate bodies or individuals against an EU institution or the European Central Bank, cases brought against EU Member States for failing to fulfill their obligations under the EU treaties, national courts’ requests for preliminary rulings concerning the validity or interpretation of EU law, as well as on Opinions and views of Advocates General.

Hope everybody enjoys the EU spirit!


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